A downloadable mod for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This is meant to be a fanmade prequal to baldi's basics

Baldi creates a factory and his first clone was a robot copy. he then created more and made them look different.  He made a hall monitor a jump rope girl and a few more.

Your one of his old friends, and he asks you to come. His clones call you stupid. Which makes him quite upset that he is a 'slave' now.

Im currently updating textures and then i will make more of a better storyline. and make it not all just a retexture.

If you want to email me on bugs or anything here-


If you're a youtuber and you have played this email me! I'd love to see your reaction.


Baldi's Factory.7z 30 MB


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When I began the game DEAR GOD it was soooooooo loud!

I played your game briefy in my 3 random Baldis fan game video!